October 19, 2016

Great Dane Health Foundation of America – Be a proper owner to your pet

We are Great Dane’s lovers, owners and experienced experts in the adequate raising of this exceptional pet. After a lot of studying about the health, habits and life style of this dog breed, we decided to create this blog dedicated to gathering all the information you might need to be a good owner to your Great Dane.

The blog has been expanded recently to information and educational material about other pets too, so many pet owners should find various useful and interesting data here.

Apollo of dogs

The Great Dane is a marvelous piece of nature’s art. This dog breed is large, physically dominant, steady and strong, but at the same time gentle, noble, affectionate and cuddly pet. He’s always willing to play, to explore environment curiously and opposite to the impression his physical appearance creates, this pet is kind and tame. He’s a great family dog, a friend and children’s guard.

Fragile health in strong constitution

Though this dog breed looks like it can take and survive a lot, they tend to have some frequent and serious health problems. You will find here many expert’s articles and reviews with detailed information about each of these health conditions, but here is just a brief review.

kaiSome of these health problems are easily curable, but they require medical care nevertheless. Some are life-shortening, and some are the causes of early death in this dog breed. Number one problem are various gastrointestinal syndromes, with bloating as dominant symptom. Cardiovascular issues are common, and cardiomyopathy is the most frequent.

Great Dane, unfortunately, often suffers from various malignant diseases. Osteosarcoma is the leading cause of death, but other cancers are common too.

The specific constitution of this dog breeds with strong and massive body and elegant slim legs make them prone to various orthopedic issues, such as Wobbler’s syndrome, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and osteitis.

Other health problems are less common, but some owner has to deal with eye diseases, hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease, various skin problems and allergies, blood clotting and epilepsy of their beloved Great Dane.

Great Dane Health Foundation of America is here to help

Some of these health problems are genetic, and you can’t prevent them. Others are environmental and occur as the consequence of the way you raise your pet. This second group is preventable, and Great Dane Health Foundation gathered various experts to educate you and give you the best directions on how to properly raise this great dog.

hike-with-dogTherefore, our blog offers you a large collection of articles about fitness and health care, adequate nutrition, grooming and behavior development of these dogs. You will find here advice on how to get rid of flea and tick, how to provide proper dental care and in general, how to create a healthy, stimulating and supportive environment for your Great Dane.

In other news…

In order not to leave other pet owners short for expert’s opinion and advice, other sections of this blog are dedicated to their pets and equally detailed guidelines. For any further information, feel free to contact us via mail or message. We’ll be glad to be your reliable ally in proper raising your little pet friends.

Dana Zelaya